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PJ O'Briens
Southbank, Melbourne

PJ O'briens bar is located at Southbank, Melbourne.

Work was carried out in September 2007. The bar top is Botticino Limestone top and edges, polished to a high gloss finish with pencil round to all edges. This particular stone is very soft and etched very easily prior to CLEARSTONE being applied.

The Atrium Bar                   Sofitel, Melbourne

Atrium Bar is located on the 35th floor of the Sofitel, Melbourne.

Work was carried out in August 2007. The bar top is a soft marble that etched with water and acids, and left a white 'bruise' mark on the surface when anything was dropped onto it. The bar was coated with CLEARSTONE which rectified all these issues. The top was then polished to a semi-gloss finish, similar to a gloss finish on natural stone.

Docks Bar
Darling Harbour, Sydney

The Docks Hotel is located at Harbourside Shopping centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Work was carried out in August 2007. The bar top is a soft marble that had problems with staining and etching along with very poor silicon joins. All work was carried out at night, after hours and the bar top was covered with temporary drop over MDF tops (painted in the same colour as the stone) so that the bar could remain operational during the coating process.

Eureka 89
Southbank, Melbourne

Dear Innovative Composites

Level 89 Eureka Tower, Cocktail and Function Room

It is with great appreciation that we thank you for your assistance in providing a perfect finish to the beautiful marble used on Level 89 at the Eureka Tower.

Your product provides a silky smooth finish over multiple surfaces, and is protective against the most aggressive "bar action" possible.

Our client is also very happy.

Thank you also for your calm, attentive manner.

Warm regards

Peter Maddison's signature

Peter Maddison

Maddison Architects

1st/98 Bank Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

The Palace Cinema Como
South Yarra, Melbourne

The Palace Cinema Como is located at South Yarra, Melbourne.

The Palace Cinema Como is an upmarket cinema catering for special evenings where food and wine is served on the white marble bar top. Work was carried out in early 2007 and the top was finished to a high gloss.

St Marys RSL
St Marys, Sydney

St Marys Servery

St Marys RSL, St Marys, Sydney NSW.

Servery Bar, top and face panels are beech veneer which has been coated with CLEARSTONE. This is one of 6 CLEARSTONE coated bars in the club along with over 100 tables including the TAB, KENO, and reception counters as well as the timber panel to the main lounge area.